All our operations are conducted strictly in accordance with the guidelines provided in the latest edition of Ship to Ship Transfer Guide for Petroleum, Chemicals and Liquefied Gases

We achieve operational excellence by :-

  • Conducting its business affairs in a manner that ensures accountability of the safety of all vessels involved in STS operations
  • Ensuring that all STS operations are conducted in accordance with National and International Maritime Legislation
  • Employing competent and suitably qualified POACs, who are capable of carrying out operations in a consistently safe and efficient manner
  • Maintaining high quality standards of all equipment that is provided for operations
  • Monitoring on a regular basis, the effectiveness of the management system with regards to safety and environmental performance, and related procedures
  • Maintaining contingency plans that are to be carried out in the event of any emergencies
  • Ensuring that sub-contractors and affiliated companies conform to the safety and environmental standards



    The Company is committed to meeting the quality requirements of its clients by ensuring that its services match up to client requirements.


    Health Policy

    The company ensures that all employees are medically fit and the fitness standards for our POAC's are as per STCW 2010.


    Drug and Alcohol Policy

    Being under the influence of or using alcohol or drugs is prohibited while working on company premises or while conducting business for the company.


    Management System

    Asia Pacific STS Lightering Co. Pte Ltd. has established a well-defined Quality and Environmental Management System that has been developed in accordance with industry guidelines.